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Washington DC 2019

Washington DC - 2019— Places —Growing up, anytime we traveled anywhere it was to see extended family. Which was great and I love those memories, but this was the first time my family went on an adventure! We spent a week exploring the Nation's Capitol in Washington DC...

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A Wintery Moab Utah

A Wintery Moab Utah— Places —Every time I've been to Moab, it's been in the dead heat of summer! Almost unbearable with the sun heating up those red rocks, and your feet. So, when the opportunity came to go to Moab during the winter time, I thought, "It's gotta better...

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Sydney – Australia

Sydney – Australia— Places —I will admit... seeing the Sydney Opera House instantly made me feel like I was traveling somewhere cool! Fun fact, the roof of the Sydney Opera House is made up entirely of white and tan ceramic tiles. In its existence, only 15 tiles...

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Melbourne – Australia

Melbourne – Australia— Places —First time visiting Australia could best be summarized by saying that it basically "home away from home" but with a British twist (meaning they drive on the left-side of the road and have an accent). My first stop in the land Down...

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Senahú Guatemala 2018

Senahú - Guatemala — Places — I had the tremendous opportunity to be part of a humanitarian service mission to Senahú, Guatemala. The trip was facilitated by the Charity Anywhere Foundation, but a major shoutout to my good friend, Hannah Hawkes, for organizing...

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