Amsterdam – NL

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Amsterdam was the most interesting place we went to when it came to transportation. There were bikes everywhere! It was insane! The roads had lanes for trams, cars, and bikes. Just getting acorss the road was an event sometimes. But don’t you dare get in the way of a bicyclist – they’ll have everything to say about it.

Besides all the bikes, this is a place that is laced with canals and crawling with some of the best dressed people. Not to mention some of the best English I’ve heard spoken in Europe.

We were also just in time for tulip season so we took a day trip out to Holland’s Keukenhof Gardens to see the acres and acres of tulips and other flowers. Oh – and at night – all these red lights come on. It’s crazy!

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Amsterdam, NL

Photo Restoration 2 of 2

This is a photo restoration of my great grandfather. The photo had scratches and tears all over it and was restored to a point in time when didn’t have those. This is a highly coveted picture in the family.

Tracy Arm Fjord

The Tracy Arm Fjord. A 4 hour scenic detour the cruise ship took before spinning around and heading back out the way it came. If you look at the map at the bottom, you’ll see that we were just about to the base a REALLY BIG glacier…

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