Prague – Czech Republic

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After spending a day in Amsterdam, we jumped on a place first thing the next morning to catch a flight to Prague. We stayed in Prague for probably 1.5 days (give or take a few hours). There actually isn’t a bunch to do in Prague. No major sights or landmarks, but they are sure proud of what they have. And old Prague has a ton of architecture through the eras all blended together. The castle complex is famous for the different styles built on the facade of the 18 acre complex (largest castle complex in the world by the way).

For such a quick trip – we did manage to see everything possible (just about) that you could find online when googling, “Things to do in Prague.” But I did get some good photos while we were walking around all over town.

If you’re planning on visiting Prague, I suggest you find some of the walking tours. The free ones are amazing and a great way to get introduced to everything around town if you’re feeling a little lost.

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Prague, CK

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