London – England

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There is so much to do in London – not to mention tracking down all the iconic tourist hot-spots in town. We spent a few days in London to see all that we could see. That included the many museums like the British Museum, Science Museum, and the National Gallery. Oh! And how could I forget the Crown Jewels and the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace!

With as much as we did each day, there was still so much of the city were never able to see. But the best photo op was at sunset when we were between Big Ben and the London Eye. I was so excited seeing those photos show up on the back of the camera – I wished I could have taken more pictures before color in the sky was gone.

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London - England

Pisa – Italy

The tower is actually the bell tower to an adjacent church that serves as the duomo of Pisa. I always thought there was just a tower, nothing around it.

Lake Blanche, UT

A 6.9 mile hike up into a mountain top lake found in the Salt Lake Valley’s Wasatch mountains. I’ve been on some hikes in my day but this was a steady upward climb for hours on end with frequent breaks. After the first hour you…

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