Conwy Castle – Wales

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We took a day trip out to the Manchester, Liverpool and Wales side of the United Kingdom. While we were in Manchester, we took a tour of the famous Manchester United Soccer Stadium. Very impressive and holds an easy 90,000 people. After our tour, we caught a train over to Liverpool where we rented a car. Yes. A car that is intended to be driven on the opposite side of the road. The freeways were fine, it was around town that was very intimidating to say the least. Once we were squared away with our car, we set off to see the Conwy Castle along the cost of the UK. The castle was built in 1238 by Edward the First during his conquests in Wales. The castle has been preserved as much as possible and we were able to take a tour and walk around the castle grounds. After we were done with the castle we took a few minutes to fly my drone around the immediate area and got some really great shots.

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Conwy Castle

The Secret Cottage

If you want a true cultural experience, then you’ve got to make your way to the Cotswolds where being British is what it is all about.

Cinque Terre – Italy

Cinque Terre in means Five Lands. There are five small towns (Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore) along the coast.

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