How Long Does A Canon Battery Last?

How Long Does A Canon Battery Last?
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You’re in good company if you’re asking how long does a Canon battery last. Battery capacity is important when taking photos or recording videos because it ensures you have enough power to capture what you want without worrying about running out of battery life.

As important as picking the best camera for your needs, you’ll want to ensure you have enough battery power so your device doesn’t shut down unexpectedly in the middle of a shoot, which could lead to lost footage or photos.

Constantly worrying about charging your device can distract you from focusing on your creativity and getting that perfect shot.

Let’s dive into how long a canon battery last:

How Long Does A Canon Battery Last?

How Long Does A Canon Battery Take to Charge?

OptionsCharging DeviceCharging levelTime/Duration
QuickestAC Power Adapter80%1 hour
 100%1.5 hour
NormalComputer’s USB Port80%2 hours
 100%3 hours

Since different varieties of Canon cameras are available, they also offer varieties of batteries. And the charging duration may vary slightly based on that differentiation.

Generally speaking, Canon cameras take approximately two or three hours to charge fully. The overall charging time may vary based on the room’s ambient temperature. Recharging in lower/cooler temperatures will result in a slower recharge time.

The ideal temperature for the room should be 23°C or 73°F.

Note: Each Canon camera’s battery may not be the same type, so that the life duration will vary for different battery models. Refer to your owner’s manual for exact specifics.

How Long Does A Canon Battery Last?

If you are using a Promaster replacement battery or a Sterlingtek replacement battery instead, the battery life will differ for each. A Promaster battery will allow you to take an average of 630 shots with a single charge. While the Sterlingtek will allow you to have approximately 680 shots.

The battery size dictates the number of shots you can expect on a single charge. Every battery model has different capacities, and there is a simple way to determine your Canon camera’s battery life.

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How to Check a Canon Camera Battery Life/Level

NOTE: The position or shape of the button’s operation, display of the screens, and other settings may vary based on the camera model you are currently holding. But the steps will remain the same to find out your camera’s battery life or status:

  • Turn on your camera. Look for the battery icon, typically, it appears on your LCD screen.
  • Find and press the <DISP> button if it does not automatically appear. Press that several times until you see an icon that resembles what you see on your smartphone.
  • If the indicator bars are full, your battery has a full charge.
  • If you see two bars in the battery indicator, it is slightly depleted but still enough juice for you to snap several more photos before recharging.
  • If the icon is red or flashing, it is time to charge up your battery and ensure you’ve saved your photos on your computer.

How Long Does A Canon Battery Last for Video?

Room TemperatureLive Shooting Mode On
Flash On (Approximately)Flash Off (Approximately)
23°C or, 73°F180 shots200 shots
0°C or, 32°F150 shots170 shots

Using a fully charged LP-E17 for live shooting with your Canon camera will get the battery life mentioned above based on Canon’s testing standard. You’ll notice that ambient temperatures impact how long a battery can last.

How Long Does A Canon G7X Battery Last?

Canon claims that the G7X Battery life allows for a minimum of 265 shots. Which also can be extended to 320 shots if you use the ECO mode. But if you are not using the camera intensively, then a fully charged battery will allow you to take a maximum of 350 shots.

How Long Does A Canon M50 Battery Last?

The Canon M50 battery life lasts around 130 minutes when shooting in moderate temperatures.

How Long Does A Canon Power Shot Battery Last?

If you are shooting with the display mode turned on, it will allow you to take around 200 shots (Depending on the intensity of the shooting). This battery can last up to six hours if you shoot consistently with zooming mode enabled.

How Long Does A Canon T6 Battery Last?

When the T6 battery is fully charged, you can get approximately 500 shots. Which are perfect for a typical day shooting experience.

Other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Long Does A Canon G12 Battery Last?

The Canon G12 can click 370 images on a single charge based on the CIPA rating report.

How Long Does A Canon T7 Battery Last?

Canon Rebel T7 is supposed to last for 2 hours and 40 minutes recording video before you put it back on the charger. It also allows you to have a minimum of 600 shots with a single charge.

How Long Does A Canon LP-E10 Battery Last?

The LP-E10 can run the camera on continuous live view shooting mode, the battery will last for 1 hour and 25 minutes maximum.

How Long Does A Fully Charged Canon Battery Last?

If you have a fully charged Canon battery and intend to use the camera in continuous live view shooting mode, you will get an approximately 1 hour 30 min recording limit.

How do you extend your Canon camera’s battery life?

There are physical limitations to what a single battery can handle. Adding external power sources is the only way to get more video recording time or additional shots without interruption.

We think adding a camera or battery grip to your DSLR is the simplest and most cost-effective way. There are several battery grip options on Amazon to fit your specific model.

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If you’re interested in attaching a big battery pack to your camera, you can follow this video guide:


Whether using your Canon camera professionally or casually, everyone needs a battery that will last and know when to stop and recharge. You need to know how long does a Canon battery last so that you can safely back up your pictures and videos without being caught mid-shot. Also, knowing the battery life helps you to keep track of and recharge the battery on time.

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How Long Does A Canon Battery Last?

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