This week at – the Weekly Photo Duel challenge was Panoramas. Panoramas can be a lot of fun when you have something interesting to photograph. From Macros to Majestic Landscapes… Panoramas really help tell the whole story.

I wanted to do vertical panoramas to help with the story I wanted to tell. So I went to downtown Boise to capture some of the urban city life around sunset. The biggest challenge with doing a vertical panorama in a downtown area like this is the lens distortion became a bit much. By the time the pano was done stitching together some of the buildings had a nice curve to it. Haha!

Tell me what you think in the comments below – I’ll respond to you.

This is my photo duel entry:
Head on over to to see Jim’s photo and to cast your vote.


The Idaho State Capitol in Boise, Idaho.
This was another fun pano that I think turned out pretty good of the State Capitol – It’s really long but I like the perspective it gives. It’s different.

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