Based on the inspired “Project 365” – I did a 12 day Photo Journal. It is always a challenge to go out each day – no matter how busy your day is – and make a quality photograph. I wish there was always time in the day to go somewhere and take at least one photo for the sake of a photo journal.

5WaterPinnacle_Water_DustinOlsen by .

Day 1

CountryRexburgRoad_HDR_DustinOlsen by .

Day 2

OrangesMacro_DustinOlsen by .

Day 3

SarahMickelson_BYU_Idaho_DustinOlsen by .

Day 4

VWJetta_CountryRoad_DustinOlsen by .

Day 5

StarTrails_RexburgIdaho_DustinOlsen by .

Day 6

RuInnHotel_SaintAnthony_DustinOlsen by .

Day 7

MacroNotepad_Flash_DustinOlsen by .

Day 8

PolelineSunrise_Rexburg_DustinOlsen by .

Day 9

MacroPennies_Flash_DustinOlsen by .

Day 10

BellShaped_MacroWater_DustinOlsen by .

Day 11

oldGMCtruck_RexburgIdaho_DustinOlsen by .

Day 12


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