If you are not aware, I work with Jim Harmer at ImprovePhotography.com teaching online photography. We recently revamped our entire Portrait Photography course with new videos and models. Hundreds of photos were taken in 12 hours between 5 different models. It was an exhausting day but we got some great stuff.

Between Jim and I, here are some of the photos we took.

KelseyFields_FaceShot_DustinOlsen_JimHarmer by . KelseyNick2_IdahoStateCapitol_DustinOlsen by . KelseyNick_IdahoStateCapitol_DustinOlsen by . NickKelsey_IdahoStateCapitol_JimHarmer_DustinOlsen by .

GretchenHalle_AlbertsonPark_DustinOlsen by . JamesBruce_PhotoshopComposite_DustinOlsen by . BoxingRing_NampaIdaho_DustinOlsen by .

Jim and I took turns at the camera while the other helped adjust lighting and other environmental aspects. All these photos were edited and enhanced using Photoshop and Nik Software Color Efex Pro. Our Facebook fans went wild over these!

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