Sometimes – all you need is just to be able to see more of the picture. I love taking panoramas when you have a great subject and complimentary background to go with it. These are some of my best panoramas that I have made.

AmericanCoins_MacroPanorama_DustinOlsen by .

oldGMCtractor_RexburgIdaho_DustinOlsen by .

VWJettaGLIpano_colorRexburgIdaho_DustinOlsen by .

There is a lot of creative editing that went into these to get the color and the tone right. Using CameraRaw processing to get basic exposure and colors where I want them. Once into Photoshop, I used the clone stamp tool to rid them of any distractions (Telephone poles, weeds, etc). Once that part was done, I took the panoramas in to Nik Software Color Efex Pro 4 to add my finish effects. Effects such as “Glamor Glow,” “Pro Contrast,” “Neutral Gradient Filter.” I then sharpened the photo and save.

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