Venice – Italy

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Venice, Italy was our last stop in Italy before heading home after our 10 day adventure. Venice is extremely photogenic and in my opinion, looks it’s best in the evening hours. Venice is 117 small islands separated by canals, but held together by bridges spanning roughly a 1 mile radius. It’s home to about 270,000 people. Wow! Talk about living on top of each other.

Venice was by far the most expensive place we have stopped in. Everything. Ridiculous prices. Glad we spent a just a day and a half here because there is no way to economically afford much more of an extended stay – let alone have much to do since the island really isn’t that big at all. To give you an idea on how expensive things were – we decided to take a classic gondola ride through the canals of Venice. Average price for that was $130 for a 30 minutes ride. Assuming your gondolier doesn’t take you for a fool and bring you back in after 20 minutes.

It’s extremely easy to get lost in Venice. It would rival any labyrinth you might have been lost in recently. Some pathways don’t even show up on Google Maps making it difficult to orient yourself. By the way, shout out to Google for making their maps downloadable so we could find our way. At least for those who download the map before leaving hotel WiFi and don’t separate from the person who has a much better idea of where they are going.

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Venice - Italy

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