What Camera Does Nelk Use in 2021-22?

What Camera Does Nelk Use in 2021-22?
Arif H Fahim

In the words of Jonas Mekas – Once you change the technology – from a film camera to a video camera, or from an 8-mm camera to 16 mm – you change completely the content. With 8 mm, a leaf on a tree will be made up of maybe four grains. So it’s very impressionistic, almost like Seurat. If you switch to 16 mm, the technology gives you hundreds of grains on that leaf.

From Marques Brownlee (aka MKBHD) to Justine Ezarik (aka iJustine) to Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani(aka NELK), all the world’s biggest YouTube content creators started with making videos on a webcam. Since their stardoms are getting higher day by day, they are upgrading their contents and the gadgets they use.

When we are having a conversation about YouTubers, the two of the most recognizable personalities for young people in North America – the NELK Boys will obviously pop up in your mind!

As technologies are evolving, such as full-frame mirrorless cameras, 4K and 8K, their fans have a question in mind – what camera does NELk use. Nowadays, NELK uses primarily the Sony A7III for shooting their videos.

Without any further ado, let’s find out more about NELK, the gadget, and why they use this specific camera to enhance the production value.

NELK– The YouTube Channel

Nelk is a Canada-based YouTube channel that makes prank videos. Their pranks are viral among the audiences. It is one of the most popular prank channels that currently have 6.46 million subscribers. Their videos get almost 3 million views on average. 

Nelk started its journey in 2010. Kyle John Forgeard, along with Niko and Marko Martinovic, and Lucas Gasparini, are the founding members of this channel. However, Lucas left the channel in 2017 as he was uncomfortable with the way he was being portrayed in the video. He wanted to make a positive image than getting attention from these prank videos.

Though the name Nelk doesn’t have any meaning, these boys have coined some terms that became popular. “Full Send” is the most popular term that gets repeated in their videos. This term means something cool or film worthy is coming up or chilling and living life without thinking about the consequences.

Some other terms also include “Rona Season,” – refers to the group’s constant consumption of “Corona” beer. These terms have been referred to as “ Canadian-influenced slang “ by Sebastiani. 

What Camera Does Nelk Use For Vlogging?

For their videos, the NELK Boys use the Sony A7III and the Canon 90D. They are famous for doing funny public pranks, weird stunts, going to jail, etc. Their YouTube series which is aired every Monday is getting famous day by day. They are always up for making their high-quality videos.

Why They Choose Sony A7iii For Their YouTube Channel?

The Sony a7 III is an excellent full-frame camera that is favorable to most Youtubers. It goes well beyond the basics in features, with excellent image quality, slow motion at 120 frames per second, 10fps subject tracking, and 4K video capture.

Its top-notch mirrorless autofocus system is what you are looking for in your cameras. Now low light won’t be an issue as it has high ISO capability. The handling has been improved quite a lot, and the menu system is a heck of a lot better than it used to be. Its video record button is now at a more logical spot. It is next to the electronic viewfinder, which is easy to find by feel.

The feature which is quite praiseworthy is Sony has doubled the battery life of the last model. Now, it can shoot for several hours.

Since the Nelk boys are producing provocative, controversial, and hilarious videos, this Sony camera gives creators the features they really want and need.

Why Does Nelk Have So Many Subscribers?

NELK has gained a lot of popularity over the years for making entertaining content. The videos are somewhat edgy, but a lot of people like them so much for this reason. 

What makes NELK even more favorable to its fans is the fact that most of their pranks aren’t mean and intended to make people laugh. 

The Nelk boys also try to do risky jobs, and these also fascinate their followers. 

Final Words

Did you find out what camera does NELK use? There isn’t a one-camera-fits-all solution for YouTube creators. But they have preferences based on their audience and what they’re shooting on any given day. Let me know in the comment section about your best camera for vlogging.

What Camera Does Nelk Use in 2021-22?

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