Rome - Italy - Pt. 1


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Rome was my favorite city in Italy. It was by far the most iconic when you consider the number of famous historical buildings that can be found here. There was some really cool things to see, especially in person, when you’re finally able to get a grasp of just how massive these structures are. Of course, the colosseum becomes one of the more impressive when you learn that in 70 A.D. they had the resources, justification, and ‘technology’ to build a stadium that held 60,000 people. If you’ve ever seen the move The Gladiator, you’ll see a very accurate depiction of what it was like in it’s hay day.

With Rome being the host of several blockbuster movies (When In Rome, Angles & Demons, The Gladiator, etc), it was fun to see so many of these locations and how “movie magic” really creates an alternate perspective of the ambience around the various places, like Trevi Fountain.

This was our first whole day in Rome. Truly left in awe with the massive size of these buildings that are thousands of years old. Wow!

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Rome, Italy

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