Rome - Italy - Pt. 2


The Story

There is so much to see in Rome! In this post, you’ll see more of the area around Vatican City which includes the River Tiber and a series of bridges that cross over it. The city was built up high, so when you walk along the riverwalk, it feels more like canal walls are surrounding you than any greenbelt you’ve probably walked on.

When taking some of these pictures along the river and of the bridges, I decided that I would walk back to the hotel from Vatican City. No big deal, but this way I would save some money on transportation to get me back. After walking for nearly an hour, I was hit with sudden realization that I had been walking in the wrong direction as I got distracted trying to take certain pictures of areas I hadn’t yet seen. Oh man! I ended up paying for transportation anyway because, well, I was done trying to walk back to the hotel. Haha!

Rome was an adventure and the pictures don’t even give it justice to describe the 2.5 days we were here.

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Rome, Italy

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