Extreme Light Painting

— Photoshop —

Eric Curry is an amazing night photographer! His style of capturing photographs in the dark inspired me to go out and do one of my own. This truck was found on some farm land here in Rexburg, Idaho that we had permission to photograph. What an awesome experience to get out there and do this.

We took over 50 pictures lighting up various areas of the scene that you see in the photo. Then, using photoshop, all of the pictures were combined to make the single shot with all the areas lit up. Post production of this truck has taken about 6.5 hours. The photographing alone took close to 2.5 hours. This is no easy task, but the final product was well worth it I think.

At this point, I should probably tell you that the Sunset you’re seeing wasn’t apart of the background we had. Not even close. I actually took that shot from behind where we decided to setup for this scene and I love how it came together in the end! It looks like a painting because we don’t have natural light sources and shadows and anything. It’s a very creative and artsy style of photography.

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