My sixth visit to Bannack Ghost Town was something to remember. It was also my last visit for a while.Every time I go, I try to focus on something new and different. This time it was portraits and it was my goal to help the students better understand how lighting and off-camera flash works when taking portraits. While these aren’t the best portraits you have seen – but they are some of my favorites! Tell me what you think!

KatieAnderson2_BannackGhostTown_DustinOlsen by Array. MindyStroud_BannackGhostTown_DustinOlsen by Array. BradJohnston_BannackGhostTown_DustinOlsen by Array. ZoeCarly_BannackGhostTown_DustinOlsen by Array. ThaneClark_BannackGhostTown_DustinOlsen by Array. KatieAnderson_BannackGhostTown_DustinOlsen by Array. OldDoorLock_BannackGhostTown_DustinOlsen by Array. KrisFryer_BannackGhostTown_DustinOlsen by Array. CeilingTexture_BannackGhostTown_DustinOlsen by Array.

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