My roommate, and awesome friend, Zach Cooper, just bought a brand new car!! But not just any car… it is the new 2012 Volkswagen Jetta GLI. In other words – its the same car that I have, but in black! It’s pretty hot, if you ask me!

But here is the thing – it was never intended that Zach was going to buy the same car as me. As a matter of fact, last weekend when he stayed up late looking at cars, he was looking at a VW Passat SE. I wake up and he changed his mind, wanted this GLI, and told me that I had to call the dealer and see if there was something to be worked out. Needless to say – we had a great and very spontaneous car buying adventure! Here are some photos of Zach’s new ride. And don’t worry – there will be more photos to come.

BlackGLI_ZachCooper_DustinOlsen by JIM HARMER.

BlackGLIcloseUP_ZachCooper_DustinOlsen by JIM HARMER.

ZachCooper_Black2012GLI_DustinOlsen by JIM HARMER.

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