This is my final post from the San Francisco Area! I kind of waited for the best for last because I loved the Golden Gate Bridge and all the photos I was able to get. It was one of those things you save the best for last, but can’t wait any longer for it to be the last so you just go anyways – yeah – that was how it was with this timeless classic!

I was with Zach Cooper and Andy Griffin when we ended up crossing the bridge on accident because we missed the quick exit that would take us down below on San Francisco side… but instead we found a lookout point from up above on the other side that I just fell in love with! We were so close to the bridge that I just wanted to reach out and grab it! That was one of the biggest highlights of the entire trip! The whole adventure of taking these photos were certainly some to remember and I was able take some photos to remember it all.

While we were there – the City of San Francisco was getting ready for the firework celebration on the bridge the next night. They were testing several different spot lights in several locations on the bridge and that is what we were able to capture in a few of them. Andy was very intrigued by it and couldn’t wait to see what else they would do and he was able to get more photos with different lighting tests. But at the end of an exhausting and long adventure… we made our way back to Cupertino.

Enjoy the photos!

2GoldenGateBridge_SanFrancisco_Night_DustinOlsen by .
4GoldenGateBridge_SanFrancisco_Night_DustinOlsen by . 3GoldenGateBridge_SanFrancisco_Night_DustinOlsen by . 1GoldenGateBridge_SanFrancisco_Night_DustinOlsen by . TheBayBridge_SanFrancisco_TreasureIsland_DustinOlsen by .

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