Do You Need Image Stabilization in A Mirrorless Camera?

Do You Need Image Stabilization in A Mirrorless Camera?
Arif H Fahim

Taking images without using the mirror in the body is called a mirrorless camera. This device works pretty differently than DSLR. Both of them are under digital camera types.

And, another trendy topic is about whether a digital camera input or output device. Although the answer seems unclear, most agree it is both.  

Now one matter that also seems to be equally in talk is what we’ll discuss today, do you need image stabilization in a mirrorless camera? Well, it can be a blessing and curse if you don’t know when you’ll need the mode in your camera. Let’s figure that out really quick!

Do You Need Image Stabilization in A Mirrorless Camera?

Do You Need Image Stabilization in A Mirrorless Camera & The Reasons?

If preferring a constant of portrait under high or low exposure, then you should turn on the image stabilization in the mirrorless camera. Yet, it’s better to turn this mode off if using a camera with a tripod or similar tools.

With a little shake of the hand, a mirrorless camera would take bad images. But it won’t happen if you turn on the IS (image stabilization) mode. And yes, I would suggest checking what is image stabilization in photography if it’s new to you.

To put it simply, image stabilization is a technique that helps take constant and unchanging shots even if vibration happens.

So, do mirrorless cameras have image stabilization? The mirrorless camera does offer an image stabilization feature which most don’t know. It’s there to give a clear-quality still or moving pictures so that you can simply get nice shots using your hand.

75% of the clicked pictures will be great in a mirrorless camera if it has good sharpness and clarity through IS (image stabilization).

It’s hard to define whether this mode will be good for you or not. Depending on your aesthetic vibe of taking shots, the IS feature can be a good or bad choice.

If you happen to own the best gimbal for Sony ZV e10 or other camera models, then using image stabilization is a big no. It will definitely ruin the quality of the picture.

Then again, it’d be better to pick items in which mirrorless cameras have image stabilization for you to click on hand-held photos.

My Recommendations.

  • Made for novices, the best mirrorless camera with image stabilization is the Panasonic Lumix G85 for clicking quality pictures quickly. Its 16mp and lenses let achieving nice shots.
  • Next, the Sony a7 III ILCE7M3 is a 24.2mp mirrorless camera that shoots up to 177 colorful JPEGs in one burst. It’ll let you get all the modes thanks to its menu and focus point.
  • Then, there’s the blend of compact, functional, and quality known as Fujifilm X-T30. It’s ideal to take pro-like 6k pictures thanks to 26.1mp, touchscreen, and sensors that help.

Why Use Image Stabilization?

You should use a mirrorless camera with image stabilization based on certain situations. To explain in detail here are a few atmospheres where you can use IS to get sharp images.

Hand Shake

If any vibration or unplanned shake occurs during shots with a mirrorless camera, this little set which is image stabilization might reduce blurriness. Plus, it ensures better clarity in pictures. So, when you are taking shots and a handshake happens, the photos will be defined.

Weak Focus Point

Sometimes pictures of the mirrorless camera get out of focus which results in the picture being blurred. This issue can be solved using image stabilization.

Unbalanced Color

Now, this is sometimes what commonly occurs in different lighting when using the mirrorless camera outside. For example, the lighting of the object during sunrise and sunset is different which requires clarity. And the image stabilization does this job to balance the color contrast.  

A Rule of Thumb, Shutter Speed.

This factor is one of the most important and less talked about topics that makes a huge difference in vibration which is shutter speed. It can give different results in images based on motion blur and camera shakes. 

Although these 2 things are different, still they will cause the evenness of the picture to go blurry.

And so, you’ll find the image shaky although the click of a mirrorless camera occurs a long ago.

  • Motion Blur: Fast movement of object > shutter speed.
  • Camera Shake: Quick movement of camera > shutter speed.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is image stabilization necessary?

The answer is both yes and no. You can verily use the image stabilization mode to get a stable and unblurry photo at every shot. Then again, for intentional blurry images, this mode isn’t necessary. 

3. Do Sony cameras have image stabilization?

Yup! Sony brand provides a whole bunch of cameras that contain the image stabilization feature for hand-hold performance. 

Optical SteadyShot vs In-Body Image Stabilization

Wrap Up

No one would like to have a blurry picture unless it’s intentional. To prevent that, the IS aka image stabilization plays a nice role to keep photos stable when taking shots. 

Be sure to grab the best image stabilization camera that is mirrorless if you prefer better clarity in pictures with no blurriness.  After reading this content, hope you find the answer to ‘do you need image stabilization in a mirrorless camera’ all along. We’ll be back, till then take care!  

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Do You Need Image Stabilization in A Mirrorless Camera?

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