Washington D.C.


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My first time to DC was so much fun! There is so much history about our country that you could spend hours and days just reading all that has been put together to commemorate our beautiful red, white, and blue! The Pentagon Memorial was very sobering as you consider each lighted bench represents just one person who died on 9/11. The benches going towards the building are those who died on the plane. The benches leading way from the building are those who were in the building and died when the plane hit.

One of the more famous monuments in Washington D.C. – The Lincoln Memorial. This statue is truly magnificent and the picture hardly does it justice to represent the size of what is on display here. I waited and waited taking several pictures so I could create just one that had no people in it.

I learned that the Washington Memorial was completed after the Civil War when it was decided that public funds would be used to finish construction. Before that, private funds were used and only 1/3 of it was completed before the Civil War. The two different shades you see is because they were forced to get the remaining stone from a different quarry.

A view from Arlington Cemetery looking over just small portion of the fallen soldiers buried here. The further in you go, the more there is to see leaving your simply amazed at just how many soldiers have come to lay rest here. You’ll also find JFK and his family buried here too. But if you ever come here – take some time and visit the tomb of the unknown soldier at the time they do the changing of the guard. It’s the kind of respect that can only be paid in reverent silence.

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Washington D.C.

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