Snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas


The Story

First stop in Mexico was in Cabo San Lucas! We didn’t have any planned excursions but decided that snorkeling would be an awesome way to spend the day. We got hooked up with a company that took us out to two different locations to see the tropical fish. Not to mention that on our way to the first location, we had a humpback whale surface right next to us! It was so close I regret not having a camera ready.

Once in the water, it felt like we were swimming in an aquarium with all the fish around us. While we were at the second location, one of the guides said, “You know what we feed Mexican fish? Tortillas!” And with that, she tossed in a bunch of broken up tortillas into the water and boy did the fish come and swarm around us! It was probably one of the coolest things ever!

We had a GoPro Hero 3 with us. Which is how we were able to capture all the great photos underwater – but let me tell you what – it’s a challenge and one big guess as to what you’re photographing when you don’t have a screen on the back to take a quick look at. Some of the pictures we captured were simply a stroke of luck.

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Cabo San Lucas - Mexico

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