Why Are Cinema Cameras So Expensive?

Why Are Cinema Cameras So Expensive?
Arif H Fahim

Cinema cameras are always the preferable option for any professional of the film industry. But have you ever wondered why are cinema cameras so expensive? What is the difference between an ordinary camera and a cinematic camera? Does it only matter in terms of costly interference?

If you choose to be on the longevity side, it’s obvious that you need to be on the costly side. So, because of the qualityful chips, sensor and precise display, these are expensive.

We know you have got a lot of questions regarding cinema cameras, their ins and outs, the outcome and of course the cost! And the good news is, we are here to answer all those questions. Keep on reading this article to know what you were looking for these days!

Why Are Cinema Cameras So Expensive?

Why do Cinema Cameras Look so Good?

Before answering this question, you need to understand what makes a camera a cinema camera. The first worthy answer is it needs to shoot 4k DCI to represent itself as a cinema camera. Since its creation in 2002, it has been working as a collaboration between major motion picture studios to prove technical and quality control consistency in the 4K format.

Manufacturers like filmmakers play a role in this since they create items and advertise them to impact our view. When 4K became available, it sparked a resolution, competition that continues to this day with 8K and beyond. Production design, lighting, location, shot selection, size, and other visual characteristics in a given production all contribute to determining a cinematic aesthetic.

There are also technological factors to consider when it comes to the camera. Sensor size, color, and depth of field are just a few.

What are the Major 3 Types of Cinema Cameras?

There are two types of people in this situation. These cameras are either so expensive that you can’t afford them or if you can, you’ll spend tens of thousands of dollars simply to get the body, with no capacity to do things like capture footage. So, while your starting point of $50K may appear more inexpensive than you anticipated, keep in mind that you’ll likely need another $50K in accessories, and then lenses on top of that.

It’s true that without knowing the thorough inspection, you’ll end up choosing the wrong gadgets. So, you can go with any of the 3 following cameras depending on your requirements and crossovers-

1. Full-Sized Cinema Cameras: If we talk about the specifications, then a full-sized camera has it all starting from the ancient qualities till now. It offers you all the connectors, inputs (audio and visual), mounting points that you’d ever need.

2. Portable Cinema Cameras: When you’d look for the best breed by Canon, Sony, or Blackmagic, Portable cameras are just the best form! The pint-sized cameras are perfect for your remote work, enhanced photography skills, or even professional production.

3. Mirrorless Cinema Cameras: If you are a person who has a great fondness for cameras, at least once in your life you’ve heard about this one. These are heavily adapted for requirements like- filmmaking or producing. So, this specific tool is regarded for the new filmmakers.

Reasons Behind the Cinema Cameras Being so Expensive

Sometimes, we talk about cinema cameras for their quality, sometimes for their costly specification. So, why are cinema cameras so expensive?

To talk about it precisely, we have enlisted some major reasons below-

  1. It offers 10x or 30x the performance in a camera body.
  2.  Image processing in movie cameras is done with FPGA chips, which are quite affordable.
  3.  The sensor is frequently the most expensive component in any video camera, and there are significant variances in image quality when employing several sensors with widely disparate price points.
  4.  There are significant disparities in production quality, as well as the materials used. However, the biggest differences are in service, quality assurance, and research and development.
  5. In addition to the features listed above, cinema cameras have a number of features not found in cell phones or lower-end cameras. It includes removable lenses, improved autofocus, and superior bodies that may be weather-resistant or weatherproof.

They also feature larger sensors, which cost more, and the sensor specs are likely superior to those seen in low-end 4K cameras.

Cinema Camera Vs Mirrorless Camera

The basic difference is that the cinema cameras are less flexible, heavier, and include non- changeable lenses. It depends on you how you want to customize it according to your own choice. But if you are concerned about the lenses, a big contrast remains in pertaining to lenses. Mirrorless cameras or DSLR are more flexible and the lenses are changeable. In contrast, the typical cinema cameras include a single, non-removable lens. One advantage of this camera is that you can zoom in a smooth manner having a long focal length.

You’ll think of the primary camera as ‘A’ cameras and the moment as reinforcement ‘B’ cameras. But that’s in a proficient filmmaking setup. Any of these ‘B’ cameras can be perfect for free producers or single-handed video shooters who have moved past vlogging and are prepared to put time and exertion into their filmmaking.

On the other hand, mirrorless cameras do not have in-built ports. For example- you’ll not have SDI ports for sending information to video villages and another system. But cinema cameras are more sensitive to use if you are focused on picture quality.

In the end, Cinema cameras are more sensitive to use if you’re focused on the zoom-in quality of your picture.

Note: If you are beginner at photography, you should consider a affordable camera as a beginner.


We have discussed all the reasons that work behind a cinema camera for the extra possessive costs. But it’s obvious to have more questions regarding this topic, right? Don’t worry, we are here when you are reading this article, and also when you’re done reading this!

Don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any left queries! But no matter what you feel, just be sure of the attributes, causes and choose if you wanna buy or not.

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Why Are Cinema Cameras So Expensive?

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