Sydney – Australia
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I will admit… seeing the Sydney Opera House instantly made me feel like I was traveling somewhere cool! Fun fact, the roof of the Sydney Opera House is made up entirely of white and tan ceramic tiles. In its existence, only 15 tiles have been replaced after enduring a hail storm. That’s pretty crazy!

Sydney has the more iconic features to go and see. Unlike Melbourne, this city does not exude youthfulness and extreme architecture. In fact, it’s far more traditional and has more of that distinguished “big brother” appeal over rival city of Melbourne. Also interesting, you wouldn’t call yourself a Sydniate or Sydian – but rather a Sydneysider.

Aside from typical city exploration, there was an attempt at seeing the Blue Mountains. However, the mountains were more gray on the day I was there, with extremely thick fog. There was little hope of seeing much of anything that attracts so many people to its majestic views. But the trip wasn’t a complete bust as we were able to see wild kangaroos, and even feed some ‘roos at a wildlife reserve. That was a neat experience!

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Melbourne, AU

Extreme Light Painting

We took over 50 pictures of this scene using a technique called, “Light Painting.” Then, using photoshop, all of the pictures were combined to make the single shot with all the areas lit up.

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