The Story

I have had this place in mind for a light painting for some time and I finally was able to go out and take a photo of it.

What I like most about the photo and this location is the moss that has been stuck to the bridge supports from where there is water flowing in the canal during the warmer months of the year. There is almost an eerie feeling when you look at it and how the moss looks like it’s still being pushed by the water.


The Photos

MossyBridge_BoiseIdaho_DustinOlsen MossyBridge_Original_DustinOlsen


The Edits

I used light painting techniques as the main source of light for this photo. But, I did the light painting like Eric Curry would by taking several photos focused on different areas of the scene. Then, in Photoshop, combine the different photos together for one final image.

Also, I felt like there needed to be some mist or fog going across the ground and through the bridge supports to add to the already eerie nature of the photo. So. I added that in there using Photoshop’s: Render > Clouds…

Other than, I used CameraRaw to process the rest of the lighting and color and then Nik Software Color Efex Pro for finishing effects on the photo to pull together color tones and highlights.

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