Here Boise, Idaho – I have found a new place to photograph that has become rather majestic during sunset hour. This is the New York Canal that weaves it’s way around the city. If it weren’t for “canal” status, I would jump in with my inner-tube and have you pick me up down the way. 🙂


I took a few different shots of these bridge supports. It just goes to show how the same subject can look so different with a change in perspective and composition. I took HDRs (High Dynamic Range) of this scene because I wanted to capture the beauty and detail of the sky, but also see what was going on in the foreground.

For my Step-by-Step process of how I put these images together, you can go to the latest Photography Duel at Improve Photography.

HDR_3 by Dustin Olsen.

SunsetDike1_Original_1 by Array. SunsetDike3_Original_2 by Array. SunsetDike3_Original_3 by Array.






HDR_2 by Dustin Olsen.

Original Sky

HDR_2_sky by Dustin Olsen.

Different Sky – Experimenting to see what I liked better.

HDR_1 by Dustin Olsen.

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