On my way to Brazil – I was delayed in Chicago for a day and I was determined to make the most of it while I was there. From my hotel, I walked to the nearest train station and rode it all the way into Downtown Chicago. Once I got there, I came across the Downtown Chicago Tour Bus Co. – And for $40, they drove me all over the city, dropping me off at all the highlights, all the while telling me all I ever wanted to know about the city of Chicago.

And would you believe – I took all of these photos with a simple Canon Elph 320.

canon-elph320 by .


I look forward to the day when I can go back there and take photos with my nice Canon 6D!! But, for my unexpected day in Chicago – and my first ever in Chicago – I hope you enjoy the photos I was able to get!

12_DowntownChicago_DustinOlsen by Dustin Olsen.

The metro station.

11_DowntownChicago_DustinOlsen by Dustin Olsen.

The financial district.

10_DowntownChicago_DustinOlsen by Dustin Olsen.

A piece of art… a bunch of canoes attached at the end.

09_DowntownChicago_DustinOlsen by Dustin Olsen.

A water feature… with digital screen!!

04_DowntownChicago_DustinOlsen by Dustin Olsen.

The Sky Deck!

03_DowntownChicago_DustinOlsen by Dustin Olsen.

Looking down 173 floors from the Sky Deck at the Sears Tower.

02_DowntownChicago_DustinOlsen by Dustin Olsen.

Negative Exposure Comp with Flash so you can see me and the city. 🙂

01_DowntownChicago_DustinOlsen by Dustin Olsen.

A view of the city from the 173rd floor of the Sears Tower.

05_DowntownChicago_DustinOlsen by Dustin Olsen.

I’m secretly freaking out inside! A glass floor is a little unnerving.

06_DowntownChicago_DustinOlsen by Dustin Olsen.

From the Ground up at the Sears Tower.

07_DowntownChicago_DustinOlsen by Dustin Olsen.

Millennium Park

08_DowntownChicago_DustinOlsen by Dustin Olsen.

The gardens at Millennium Park.

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