DJI Ronin-S vs. SC2 Gimbal- Which is the Best for You!

DJI Ronin-S vs. SC2 Gimbal- Which is the Best for You!
Arif H Fahim

DJI brings world-class drones and gimbals- no one doubts it. Among them, DJI Ronin is leading the market with the far-fetched camera stabilizers.

While Ronin S has added new life to the gimbal world, RSC 2 has taken the line forward giving the users a more portable, lightweight, and handy option.

And today, our job is to tell you which one will quench your thirst for perfect filmmaking! Let’s discuss DJI Ronin S vs. SC2!

DJI Ronin-S vs. SC2 Gimbal- Which is the Best for You!

What Is Better: Ronin-S or Ronin-SC 2

Before you get along with the comparison between Ronin S and RSC2, you should check out the types of camera stabilizers here. This will help you narrow your list and solve your issue! And then, you can move on with the comparison.

Setup and Configuration

Setting up DJI Ronin S is quite easy. It works like the other DJI gimbals. Also, the brand has made the process easier now as it added a clear white position scale. These are added to the adjustable bars. So, things are hassle-free and time-saving with this one.

You can set it up and configure it via the smartphone application. Also, connecting the gimbal through Bluetooth is easy here. You can go for a balance test too. You get the auto-tune feature here. this is a built-in feature you can go for the manual option too.

All you need is to hold the trigger and with it, hold the M button down. Five seconds and you are ready! This is why people suggest this Gimbal for their Sony, Canon, and Nikon cameras! And if you have a Sony ZV-1, you can look for the best Gimbal for Sony ZV-1 here!

On the other hand, with, DJI RSC 2, things are made easier than before. With this, you get six configurations. With the added facilities of the previous models, you will get more versatility here. Even in the complex shots, you will get a better outcome.

The RSC2 has a foldable design that the brand Ronin introduced. You can configure this one in six ways- upright, briefcase, flashlight, storage, portrait, and underslung. With these configurations, you will be able to enjoy creative angles. 

Along with these, you will also enjoy a more compact device if you get an RSC2. Here, storage is easy and transportation is easier! If you are hoping for a lightweight and portable gimbal, this is the one you should go for.


In the case of the screen, the new model gets the upper hand. Unlike the DJI Ronin S, the screen of the DJI RSC 2 is a 1-inch OLED screen. So, you can use it for the control functions. This feature is used in the RSC 2 only and was not added to the previous version of RSC.

Also, you can use this one for the parameters of your device. Mounting the camera gets easier with the screen. And if you are going for the RSC2, you don’t need the Ronin app anymore.

Free your phone from the Ronin app. With this improved version, you can get a more streamlined experience when it comes to filmmaking.

Payload Capacity

When other features are closely connected, the payload capacity is something to think about before you buy any of these devices. The Ronin-S includes a tested payload of 3.6 kg at best.

On the contrary, the Ronin SC has less payload capacity of 2.0 kg. To know more details on these two, you can take a look at what is better Ronin-S or Ronin-SC!

Compared to the RSC, the weight of RSC 2 has increased a bit to 1.2 kg. However, the max-tested payload has increased too. Now, it can go for 3 kg max. So, the users can now enjoy more advanced and larger setups with this one!

Active Track

Ronin SC comes with the DJI Active Track 3.0 but the Ronin S didn’t have this feature added. However, this feature is added to the next version of Ronin. With DJI RSC 2, you have Active Track 3.0 which is by far the most advanced tracking technology.

And here, you also can enjoy the advanced algorithms so that you get sophisticated tracking. In case you are interested in high-speed action filming, the RSC 2 is the best deal to go for!

If you have this feature, you can simply add a smartphone above the camera unit along with the Ronin App and the RSC gimbal. And you can use the phone holder for tracking the subject that you have selected in your frame! 

Battery Performance

The battery performance of RSC 2 is surely more improved than Ronin S and SC. This one has a maximum runtime of 14 hours which is amazing! Also, you can settle for fast charging in this case!

On the other hand, the previous Ronin S used to last for about 12 hours or close. If you check out Ronin SC, the runtime was less, it was 11 hours.

Vertical Shooting

Compared to the Ronin S, Ronin SC2 comes with a new feature called vertical shooting. With this benefit, you can switch to portrait mode within seconds.

For social media content workers, missing a perfect portrait can be counted as a loss. This feature was not added in Ronin S, so, it lags in the case of faster portrait shooting.

Nato-Compatible Ports and RSA Ports

With RSC 2, you won’t get the RSA port added. But this one is NATO compatible. As a result, you get to enjoy a lot of third-party accessories. In this case, the versatility in handling is another benefit. Also, the mounting possibilities are improved with this feature.

While Ronin SC includes an RSA port, it lacks Nato compatibility. Ronin-S comes with the RSA port however; it doesn’t have the Nato compatibility like the Ronin SC.


RSC 2 is compatible with almost all DSLR cameras. Along with this, it also covers mirrorless cameras. The same goes for the S model- it works for the DSLR and the mirrorless cameras. In this case, there are not many differences.


The budget is a factor when it comes to buying any of these devices. While the price of the Ronin S is more or less $929, you can get the Ronin SC for only $469.

On the other hand, in the case of the RSC 2, the price will be $499 or close. So, you can already see that Ronin S retails for more or less double.

Wrap Up

We have discussed the surface-level differences between the Ronin S and RSC 2. However, other technical differences make them different.

For the professional filmmakers, going for any of them will do incredible. However, it’s on you- make a list of the features you prefer and then pick up one between them!

DJI Ronin-S vs. SC2 Gimbal- Which is the Best for You!

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