How to Check Shutter Count on Sony A7III? [Complete Guide]

How to Check Shutter Count on Sony A7III? [Complete Guide]
Arif H Fahim

Counting shutters is a crucial factor for DSLR cameras. The professional photographers might be familiar with the term, but the newbies are most likely in dark about this aspect.

Now, why is shutter count important? How to check the shutter counts? More importantly, how to check shutter count on Sony A7III.

 It’s because not all DSLR cameras would have the same procedure to check the shutter counts. It’s not unusual for you not to know how to check shutter counts on Sony A7III even though you know what shutter count is and why is that so crucial for a DSLR camera.

So, let’s not waste a single second here and get straight into the main dish.

How to Check Shutter Count on Sony A7III? [Complete Guide]

Why is shutter count important?

Before you know how to count the shutters on a DSLR camera, you need to know why shutter count will define the lifetime of your camera.

You may already know that cameras have a capture limit. Many problems will arise once you go beyond your camera limit. And you the limit of a camera is already mentioned on the manual or the packaging.

Shutter count lets you know how much the camera is being used. Once you know how many times you have used your camera, you can calculate the time your camera has left.

Shutter counting becomes handier when you buy a second-hand or used camera. Many sellers would want to scam you by lying about the time they used it. But with the help of shutter count, you can figure it all by yourself. So, how can you check the shutter count?

How to check the shutter count on Sony A7III

There are a few options for checking the shutter count on Sony A7III. Most DSLR cameras have a life limit of 50,000 to 400,000. The Sony A7III has a shutter life expectancy of 200,000 actuation.

1. Third party websites

The most common and effective way to check the shutter life expectancy is using third-party websites. For this method, you will be requiring the EXIF data.

EXIF data is the information about the lens, flash, and settings used to capture a picture. It also collects the date the pictures have been captured. With this EXIF data, you can easily define all necessary information of a picture captured from your camera.

The third-party websites use this data and calculate them accordingly. This will help them find out the life expectancy of your camera, in other words, you can check the shutter count of your Sony A7III by uploading one of your recent pictures captured by the camera to those websites.

Although sometimes, the websites might not work smoothly as they should. The causes might be incompatible models or a website crash. Right then, how can you check the shutter count on your DSLR camera?

2. Sony built-in feature

Fortunately, the Sony cameras have a built-in feature to check the life expectancy of your shutter. As we are trying to figure out the shutter count of the Sony A7III, it will come in handy for us.

First, you have to turn on your camera, then press the “Menu” button right above your camera display. After pressing on the menu, you will get a “Display Media Info” tab. Click on it and you will see the number of the still pictures you have captured so far by this camera, potentially, it is the shutter count of your Sony A7III.

In case you own a Sony A6400, you won’t see the “Display Media Info” there. Although you can see a “Setup7” tab, which is the replacement for the “Display Media Info” tab in Sony A6400.

For Canon Cameras

Almost every renowned camera companies offer a built-in shutter count feature. For Canon cameras, there are two shutter counts, one can be found in the Settings, and find the shutter speed, shooting mode, ISO, and many more things. There you can find the shutter count below at the right corner of the LCD.

The other shutter count for the battery expectancy. Open the menu and scroll down to find the “SET UP4” tab. Click on it and find “Battery Info”. There you can find the battery life expectancy for Canon cameras.

For Nikon Cameras

As for the Nikon cameras, you can simply find a tab that says “Shutter Count” in the menu bar.

How to fix shutter of Sony A7III

Once the shutter of your Sony A7III goes beyond its life expectancy, it will show some errors. After some time, the shutter will stop working and will no longer be useful.

Before you focus on fixing the shutter of your DSLR camera, we must warn you that buying a new shutter or fixing them is expensive.

The only time you can fix your shutter is when it gets stuck by putting some lubricant on it. Otherwise, only replacing the whole lens is the only way to fix your camera.

There are a few lenses available for Sony cameras. And fortunately, all of the Sony lenses are compatible with all of the Sony cameras. You can use the best prime lens for Sony A6000 for the Sony A7III without any issues.

In the end, when your Sony A7III goes beyond the 200,000 actuation, the lenses will no longer be useful to you. Change them up and you will get another 200,000 actuation worth of shutter expectancy.


This may be the end of our boring explanation of how to find Sony A7III shutter count.

We hope our content will be helpful to you and we are looking forward to the pictures you will be capturing with your camera. You can send them to us via email.

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How to Check Shutter Count on Sony A7III? [Complete Guide]

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