I have done a few non-traditional panoramas before but this is probably my favorite! Some things I like about this photo is the power line poles and the sunrise at the end. You get that nice warm light pushing out the deep blue night sky! It just looks sweet!

The biggest challenge that I was faced with this photo was lens distortion. Photoshop couldn’t merge the photos very well because the poles were bending in on one photo and then out on the other and it didn’t handle that very well… and then the difference in lighting in one really made that tough one to pull together. So… to make this work I had to do it “by hand” and fix the distortion as I went to get the photos to line up the way they should. It probably took me close to an hour to get it this far and that includes letting Photoshop mess up on the photo merge. But all in all… I am please with how it has turned out. It could be the next panorama that I print and hang.

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