A few weeks ago, I was in Boise and went to the Old Idaho State Penitentiary to see what I could photograph! They have done a nice job of restoring this facility into a museum but it can still give you the creeps. Looking into the solitary confinement cells and seeing the writing on the wall (literally) was enough to set your imagination wild! There was a dim light that would come down through the ceiling that would light up the hole in the ground, or in other words, the bathroom. To visit such a place and to think that was “home” to many people.

I was required to sign an agreement that I would not profit from the photos I took, and below are just a few of what I saw. They are all HDRs because that was the best way for me to capture what my eye could see. My favorite photo is probably the green prison cells.

Old prison water fountain

Hall between cells

Dining Hall - HDR

HDR of old dinning hall - Construction?

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