If ever you find yourself in Las Vegas but wish you were in Venice… then head on over to The Venetian! It’s an incredible place and probably one of my favorite Hotel/Casinos on the strip.

Last year – I learned all about how the Venetian came to be.

I woke up at 5am to head down to take these photos because there wouldn’t be a heard of people in my shots. Using the new Nikon D800 and a 14-24mm lens, I was finally able to capture the essence of this well crafted “home away from home.”

These images were adjusted using CameraRaw in Lightroom. My goal for the editing process of these images was to show the lighting and the essence of this indoor experience.

TheVenetian_PSW2012-9 by JIM HARMER.

TheVenetian_PSW2012-1 by JIM HARMER. TheVenetian_PSW2012-3 by JIM HARMER. TheVenetian_PSW2012-4 by JIM HARMER. TheVenetian_PSW2012-5 by JIM HARMER. TheVenetian_PSW2012-6 by JIM HARMER. TheVenetian_PSW2012-7 by JIM HARMER. TheVenetian_PSW2012-8 by JIM HARMER.



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