What do you do when you have full moon and access to a “Middle Of Nowhere” Cabin? You do a little night photography! We were hopeful we wouldn’t have many clouds going on in the sky – but we did. We actually got snowed on!! So, while we were waiting for the sky to clear up, we did a little tabletop light painting with some objects we could find.

Once the moon was showing, we took some long exposures (about 2-3 minutes)! The one with the star trails was a 20 minute exposure but with the full moon out, everything started looking as if it were daylight.

Thanks to Rebecca Johnston, Zach Cooper, and Brian Bell for their inspired minds and dedication to great photography! To see more of their work, click on their names.

RoosterFlowers_LightPainting_DustinOlsen by . CabinTrees_StarTrails_ArcherIdaho_DustinOlsen by . FullMoonLight_ArcherIdahoCabins_DustinOlsen by . FullMoonBarn_AcherIdahoCabins_DustinOlsen by .

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