Went to Bisbee, AZ with my brother Brandon to get another set of Senior photos for him as he is getting ready to graduate high school and make that next big step in his life.

Bisbee is a town full of character and the perfect backdrop for some great photography! Tell me what you think of these photos? I know Brandon has fallen in love with them all! 🙂

And to my mentor Caryn… This is that amazing Flashbender at work!


Brandon2_DustinOlsen by Dustin Olsen. Brandon3_DustinOlsen by Dustin Olsen. Brandon4_DustinOlsen by Dustin Olsen. Brandon5_DustinOlsen by Dustin Olsen. Brandon6_DustinOlsen by Dustin Olsen. Brandon7_DustinOlsen by Dustin Olsen. Brandon8_DustinOlsen by Dustin Olsen. Brandon10_DustinOlsen by Dustin Olsen. Brandon11_DustinOlsen by Dustin Olsen. BrandonFB by Dustin Olsen.

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