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Chevy’s American Heritage – 2010 Camaro

The Story There was little to no hope of resisting my extreme desire in asking my roommate if I could take pictures of his new car, the 2010 Chevy Camaro. Of course the only option he had was to say, "Yes." We planned to take his car to a parking garage on the Boise...

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Dancing Paint

Thought you were the only one who could move to the sound of music? Think again. Using a macro lens and small drops of paint on latex and a speaker and the party comes alive! At one point, I started adding in ketchup and mustard into the mix just to see what happens....

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Macro Passion

At Improve Photography - we are starting a new tradition by doing a weekly photo duel. We have a theme or a style of photography we will work on and then we will submit our best photo into the duel with the judges being the fans of the website. Head on over to...

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12 Day Photo Journal

Based on the inspired "Project 365" - I did a 12 day Photo Journal. It is always a challenge to go out each day - no matter how busy your day is - and make a quality photograph. I wish there was always time in the day to go somewhere and take at least one photo for...

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Artistic Ink Drops

You know... you really can never stop with what you can see on the surface of the water! After looking around and with added inspiration, I spent some time with Zach Cooper to come up with some very creative macro ink drops in water. I think they turned out pretty...

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Improved Water Drops

Even though I took nearly 2,000 of these types of images before - I knew I could get better shots! The biggest thing I changed with this shot is that I put my 18-135mm lens on all 3 of my macro extension tubes instead of my 50mm with one or two extension tubes....

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International Truck – HDR

Using Nik Software HDR Efex Pro and in combination with Nik Software Color Efex Pro 4, this shot has become one of my absolute favorites! Every few months I find myself in Bannack, MT and it has become tradition for me to try and get a new and more creative shot of...

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2012 Volkswagon Jetta GLI

Here's to my first post of my new car! The new 2012 VW Jetta GLI is one of the hottest cars I have had! I'm a car fanatic and taking pictures of this new car has been a blast!! There will be more pictures to come but these were taken with my boss, Jim Harmer, over...

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El Camino – Light Painting/Extreme Photoshop

This is my last post before Photoshop World in Las Vegas!! This is an El Camino I found on the side of the highway near St. Anthony, ID. I really wanted to do some light painting of an old car (probably because I am a car guy) and this was about the only one I found...

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