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This is my last post from my Alaskan Cruise. It was my first cruise ever and I loved it so much! It was nice to be able to go back and look at these photos and remember the moments that left me in awe. This post is dedicated to the elegant ship, The Ruby Princess.

3,084 Guest Capacity
1,200 Crew Members
A total of 19 decks.
7 Hot tubs
4 Pools

I suppose it was easy to be impressed never having been on a cruise ship, but I must say… very classy!
My biggest amazement was the Piazza and the Theater. Actually, the entire ship was impressive and to think that you are in the ocean while enjoying a live musical theater production. Wow!

The one thing every asked me was, “Did you get sick?” Followed up with, “I don’t think I could go because of the rocking back and forth.” So – No, I didn’t not get sick and the rocking back and forth was so subtle that you didn’t notice unless you were paying attention to it. The only time it really rocked was when we were “at sea.” Let me tell you though, it’s been decades since I have been rocked to sleep and now I know why little babies appreciate so much. 🙂

You should look at going on a cruise, especially for the scenic views of Alaska!

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The best photo op was at sunset when we were between Big Ben and the London Eye. I wished I could have taken more pictures before color in the sky was gone.


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