Over Labor Day weekend, I took a trip to Southern California around the Los Angeles area. One of the many places I was able to go to was the Travel Town Museum. It’s an old train museum where they have done a good job of restoring several old steam engine trains and passenger train cars for visitors to walk through.

Travel Town Museum has strict photography and video guidelines that prevent me from taking many photos of the trains themselves and using them for commercial use. But, while I was there, I had an impromptu photo shoot with my friends and managed to capture some nice portraits of them. Using only natural light, we managed to get some great shots sitting on the end of the train cars.

The Photos

Passenger Car - Travel Town Museum

Emily Davis - Train Station Portrait

Zach Cooper - Travel Town Portrait

Morgan Bugee - Train Car Portrait

Dustin Olsen - photo by Zach Cooper


How to get there

Found on the edge of Griffith Park, this facility is free to get into (which is nice) but you will pay for the little kid train ride and other gift shop items. Otherwise you are free to roam around.

If you plan on taking photos, and selling them, I would consult with the Museum first before showing up. This would include taking portraits of paying clients.

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