Photoshop – Portraits and Panoramas



Erin Clifford | Portrait
25 Sept 2010 • 8:30 pm | Rexburg, ID
Canon Rebel XS | 50 MM | F/ 7.1 – 1/640 | ISO:800 | EV: 0

This is my cousin Erin Clifford. We went out to this old Ghost Town in Rexburg, Idaho next to “R” Mountain. We tried to get there earlier enough to take advantage of the low light as the sun was coming down, but after being there for about 30 minutes, we lost all the light we had hoped for. Erin is very photogenic and I love taking her pictures! I posted a before and after picture of this one to show some of the things I did in photoshop to help bring this picture to life. And it’s my favorite one of the some what few we were able to capture.

A lot of the editing for this picture was done in Camera Raw. I used the adjustment brush to help expose for the subtle sunset in the background and expose for the train and Erin in the foreground. Using layers and blending modes (Overlay), I painted the yellow and red on the train in appropriate areas to boost the colors. I did the same thing one the ground with the greens so it didn’t seem so flat. After all this, I dehazed the image and sharpened it.



Southern Arizona | Panorama
28 Aug 2010 • 7:30 pm | Sierra Vista, AZ
Canon Rebel XS | 50 MM | F/ 7.1 – 1/640 | ISO:200 | EV: 0

Have you ever seen those Arizona sunsets? I am from Southern Arizona and while I was visiting my family I just had to take advantage of getting some pictures of the sunset. I couldn’t have asked for a better sky! The sunset was ushering out the blue skies and you can see some purple coming in. It just looked so amazing! Some might not believe that this is even Arizona but during this time was the monsoon season. It was raining a lot and everything was just so green!

A lot of the editing for this picture was done in Camera Raw, as well. I used the adjustment brush to help expose the sunset and not loose any of those colors as well as bring out the mountain range. I brought down the exposure for the sky and really brought it up with mountain. I boosted the colors as well just in camera raw alone provided the picture with one of the neatest effects for a picture like this. In photoshop, all I did was dehaze slightly and that’s it!


  1. What a talent! Come clean, where did you find this fantastic train? I have so much to learn from you. Beautiful shots, love them all.

  2. You make me laugh. Thanks for the compliment and I found that train at the ghost town just outside of Rexburg by the gun range. :)

  3. caro says:

    I really like what you did to both pictures! I really liked the panoramic one :)