Mountain Man Rendezvous – Ashton, Idaho

Wagon Wheel
Mountain Baby
TeePee for Mountain Men
Throwing Skills

That’s his name… Black Kettle

Mountain Women – Julie Peterson

Mountain Man – Kris Fryer

 These photos were taken at the Annual Mountain Man Rendezvous in Ashton, Idaho. Many there were very good at standing and getting their picture taken. They even let us dress up in their attire and take some of our own pictures! There is certainly more than what meets the eye at this rendezvous, that’s for sure! Let me know what you think… @dustin_olsen


  1. I'm catching up today and these pictures are really fun. I'd heard of this festival, but never attended and it looks like you had a great time. Kris to play dress up everyday, bringing out his inner-divo!

  2. sorry, Kris needs to play…. 😀 Hope you're doing well.