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God’s Colors

It’s surprising to me how many photos I take of flowers! Every now and again I like to photograph some of God’s greatest beauties and some of the colors He paints with! This kind of photography doesn’t bring in the big bucks but it certainly celebrates the beautiful earth we live on! Take a look below!

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Oh you know... I love making photos.


  1. Rebecca says:

    Dustin –
    Love the shot of the tulips! It’s georgous and hard to beleive that the old white bucket holding these flowers had so much beauty inside of it. I enjoyed seeing this post because I was able to watch you shoot and seeing the end results helps me to learn more about angles of shots and how to set up a picture. Your close up of the parrot is also very pretty. It’s great how you used your skills to take a horrid background of a subject and make it into a very pretty picture. Thanks for you help!