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Before and After Portrait Editing

Erica Argüello
Editing: Erica is probably one of the most photogenic people I know! Just by looking, you’ll be able to tell that there was some decent amounts of Photoshop! Right away, I took out her camera strap and replaced it with either her hair or shirt. I airbrushed her faced and took care of the hard lighting on her cheek. I added more contrast and saturation to the colors to make them pop! I then did several facial enhancements such as whiter teeth, vibrant eyes, more lipstick and no more tired looking eyes. 

Erica Argüello – AFTER
Photoshop CS5 • iMac 27″ 

Erica Argüello – BEFORE
11 June 2011 • 14:28 • 55mm • f/ 6.3 • 1/200 • ISO: 200

Kris Fryer

Editing: I don’t think Kris was planning on having his photo taken as much as he did when he put that hat on, but everyone there just couldn’t get enough of him. I ran this through CameraRaw as well, but the biggest enhancements made on this photo was most around the eyes. I used a subtle air brushing technique to remove the “tiredness” from around his eyes and I also darkened his beard to add to the cowboy look! I also adjusted some of the lighting to give a a more “dramatic” feel to it. 
Kris Fryer – AFTER
Photoshop CS5 • iMac 27″
Kris Fryer – BEFORE
11 June 2011 • 14:33 • 79mm • f/ 6.3 • 1/200 • ISO: 200

Thane Clark
Editing: Thane has never looked so good before! The first thing I did was run the image through camera raw for lighting and saturation of the colors and to remove blemishes. Next, in photoshop, I used an air brushing technique to remove the red in his face and to lighten some areas specific areas so they weren’t so dark. Since he is a guy, there really is much work to be done so we don’t make him look like a girl. 

Thane Clark – AFTER
Photoshop CS5 • iMac 27″
Thane Clark – BEFORE
11 June 2011 • 15:11 • 96mm • f/ 5.6 • 1/160 • ISO: 200

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  1. I'll take that cowboy. Kris send that pic to Hollywood! This is a great post and I need some severe photshoppin', not loving the come-what-may stage of life. Please come visit soon.


    VM Mom